‘Low Income Life’ Revised Game By Milton Bradley For 2015

‘Low Income Life’ Revised Game By Milton Bradley For 2015.

The original ‘Game of Life’ was produced by Milton Bradley in 1860, it was then revised 100 years later in 1960. Now, 55 years later, Milton Bradley has come up with another “modern” version of ‘The Game of Life’ which portrays a more realistic scenario for today’s Americans – ‘Low Income Life 2015 Edition’.

“The new game functions much like the older versions. However, the life scenarios are very different, more relative to the current situations of today,” says Milton Bradley’s spokesperson Ray Schneider.

The card categories in the original ‘Game of Life’ consisted of a Salary, House Deed, Career and Stocks.  The new version,‘Low Income Life 2015 Edition’, has changed the cards to Welfare, Low Income Housing Voucher, Unemployment and  Pawn.

As you play the game you also encounter different colors of tiles. Each tile color has a different meaning:


  •  WELFAREGREEN tiles are your paydays. When you pass or land on one of these, you will receive an unemployment check or a welfare check depending on your current life situation.


  •  FSBLUE tiles mean you can follow the instructions on the space if you want to.




  •  DNAORANGE tiles mean you have no choice but to follow the directions on the space. Orange tiles may instruct you to purchase a bus pass, have a baby, get a DNA test, serve child-support papers, receive a restraining order, or be issued a domestic violence warrant.


  •  RED spaces mean you have to stop on the space, even if you have moves left. You must follow the instructions on the space and spin again. Each red space has unique instructions because it deals with losing a job, receiving an eviction notice, getting a no insurance ticket while speeding or turning at least one child over to Child Protective Services.

“The Game of Life from the 1960s served its purpose for the last two generations, as it helped prepare them for what was ahead while having fun at the same time. But this new generation is dealing with something very different,” said Schneider. “We feel we can prepare them for what is to come, rather than pretending they’re going to get married, have kids and live in the ‘Millionaire Estates’. That’s just not a reality for today’s generation.”

Milton Bradley, which is owned by Hasbro, expects to bring in an estimated $5.1 million in sales for the new version of ‘Low Income Life 2015 Edition’, saying that it is a life reality more people can relate to.

Will you buy this new version of the game? It is to be released April 16, 2015.



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