Man Attempts To Rape Woman, But She Beats The Sh*t Out Of Him

Unfortunately there are people in this world that are so barbaric, they will do anything for their own sick pleasures.

However, when Jonathan Holmes decided to follow a woman home and attempt to rape her, he wasn’t expecting the ass whooping he received.

According to The Mirror, 35-year-old homes followed this women for over a mile, plotting his every move. Holmes told the woman that she was “going to enjoy this” and stuck his tongue in her mouth. However, his victim fought back – punching him, biting his tongue and using her keys to stab him in the neck.

Despite being deeply affected by the incident, the woman was brave enough to face Holmes in court. “I believed without a doubt that he was going to rape me,” she explained during the trial.  Holmes stated that he had been drinking and had no recollection of what happened.

“My life would have been over, he might as well have killed me right there,” the victim continued. “I was so terrified but so angry. What happened to me was my worst nightmare. The whole thing replays in my head day after day. Now going anywhere after dark is really stressful for me.”

 “No one listening could fail to have been moved by her words. It is clear to me that what you did had a devastating effect on her life,” Judge Sarah Wright told the court. “She is not able to continue her life as before.”

Holmes may have played dumb but detectives discovered CCTV footage of him watching women throughout the afternoon.

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