Man Collapses After Biting Into Popular McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich

The AntiMedia –  You wake up hungry, you’re in a hurry, you don’t feel like being bothered to scramble up a few eggs – and McDonald’s is convenient.

You know it’s bad for you, but it’s only one meal. You will definitely go back to eating right tomorrow, but that is then and this is now. Surely one morning of paying homage at the illuminated trough of process substance won’t be the end of the world, will it? Well, for one 32-year-old man in the UK, it almost was.

On the morning of October 8, Allen Evans found himself seduced by the glow of the nostalgic golden arches as he ordered his bacon and egg McMuffin. But unbeknownst to Evans, Ronald McDonald had decided to throw in a complementary side of supersized misery.

After biting into the McMuffin, Evans was only a few bites in when he decided to add barbecue sauce to his sandwich substitute. Upon further inspection, he realized that the eggs he had just ingested were moldy green color. Evan stopped eating immediately, but the damage had already been done. Within a few hours, he began to be sick. He soon collapsed with food poisoning and was bedridden for five days.

28-year-old Amanda Seaford eventually felt compelled to call an ambulance because her boyfriend was so ill. Doctors treated Evans with antibiotics, anti-sickness tablets, and in antifungal medicine. “I just couldn’t stop being sick are going to the toilet. I’ve got really bad pains in my stomach,” said Evans. “Now even looking at McDonald’s on television just makes me feel sick. I should never have contemplated eating a green egg. I just can’t believe I ate it.”

Evans reached out to McDonald’s but was angered by how the fast food retailer handled the poisoning of one of its customers. “I just can’t believe I ate it and all they offered was a free meal, they didn’t even offer money back.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson has said that they are investigating the complaint. “The eggs used in our McMuffin’s are made with real, free range eggs that are freshly cracked in the restaurant every day by our crew.”

Bad press is the last thing McDonald’s needs right now. It was reported earlier this year that 700 restaurants were scheduled to close in 2015, and just this week, many franchise owners stated they believe the fast food giant is “facing its final days.”

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