Man Drives Across Country With Corpse In Car

wdivMan Drives Across Country With Corpse In Car. If you were driving from Arizona to Michigan with your girlfriend and mom and then all of a sudden your girlfriend passes away in the front seat, what would you do? Most people would probably just take her to the nearest hospital to see if there were any way to save her. Others might accept the inevitable and take her to the nearest mortuary. Well one Detroit-area man didn’t do either of those things. He instead decided to continue driving all the way to Michigan with her in the car.

c602dc89491109ec95090c222b78d01aRay Tomlinson, a 62-year-old man from Clinton Township, won’t be charged with any criminal acts for not immediately telling authorities that his girlfriend, 31-year-old Christine Gilbert, had died during the drive. Tomlinson says that he had his 92-year-old mother in the van and wanted to get her home. He also feared that he would be arrested which would make it so his mother could not only get home, but also that Gilbert would not get to a Michigan morgue.

Warren police Deputy Commissioner Louis Galasso told the Detroit Free Press that the case involved some “bizarre” behavior and judgment on Tomlinson’s part, but wasn’t in any way criminal. Officers from the Warren police department showed up at Tomlinson’s sons house on Tuesday to find Gilbert’s corpse still in the front passenger seat, wearing a seat belt and sunglasses. So back to the initial question, what would you do in this scenario? Share this page and tell us what you think.

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