The McRib Is Back, But It’s Ingredients Might Disturb You

The McRib Is Back, But It’s Ingredients Might Disturb You.

Are you excited about the return of the McRib? Many loyal customers are running out to savor the original favorite slab of ‘ribs’.

But did everyone forget this photo of a frozen McRib that went viral last year when a McDonald’s employee snapped a pic of the solid white brick with ridges? It’s supposed to be a succulent pork patty that is called the McRib sandwich, but looks nothing like the final product.

So what exactly is in the McRib? It’s boneless and seasoned, but it’s definitely NOT pork. Anyone who thinks differently should go to the meat section of the grocery store and find which cut of pork meat this white, Styrofoam-like slab is supposed to resemble. Even minced pork is pinkish-red.

There is no meat that is white, even when it is frozen. So, how can they call it ‘Ribs’? There is a bare minimum of pork in this product so that they can legally call it pork on the menu. The rest consists of fillers. Fillers that are used in plastic products such as yoga mats.

Comparing this toxic mess to a burger patty made with 100% beef is just another lie on the part of the spokesperson who is getting paid to smooth things over between the corporation and a very gullible public.


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