Monster Energy Using Urea (Cow Urine) Compound As An ‘Energy Booster’ In Drinks

Monster Energy Using Urea (Cow Urine) Compound As An ‘Energy Booster’ In Drinks.

An independent food testing facility, ENSL Analytics, has just released their findings on Monster Energy Drink after reports surfaced that their product contained cow urine known as urea.

The testing consisted of 500 cans from stores across the country, each tested and compared to one another. The results showed that each monster energy drink contained anywhere between 2% – 5% urine consistency.

This compound known as urea, is a chemical in cow’s urine and perspiration used as a hormone/energy booster.

The compound urea, is not properly labeled on the can as it is not required to be disclosed here in the United States. However, they are protected by the labeling that states ‘Energy Blend.’

The drinking of cow urine may be taboo here in the United States, but it is highly sought after in countries such as India.

It turns out, people are drinking cow urine already in their sodas in Eastern countries. The Cow Protection Department of the RSS, a.k.a. National Volunteer Corps, is in the final stages of developing the cow urine soda in the area.

They are working with companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, educating them on Hindu culture and the benefits that cow urine has – which is known to treat up to 80 different incurable diseases, including diabetes.

Sugar, highly contained in these sodas, is the number one reason for diabetes in the United States.

Companies such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Hansen’s Natural Sodas (who owns Monster Energy Drinks) have jumped on board for the medicinal properties of using cow urine in their drinks.

It’s the “next big thing” to counteracting the accusations that these drinks are killing Americans and causing diseases. These companies are working hard to steer away from being labeled as the #1 killer in America.



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