NASA Captures Photo Of The ‘Eye Of God’

NASA Captures Photo Of The ‘Eye Of God’.

According to NASA, this dying star was captured by NASA telescopes throwing a cosmic tantrum. In death, the star’s dusty outer layers are unraveling into space, glowing from the intense ultraviolet radiation being pumped out of its core.

The object in view is called the Helix Nebula. It lies about 650 light years away, in the constellation of Aquarius. Planetary nebulae are actually the remains of stars that once looked like our sun. And in about 5 billion years, our sun will die and display this same beauty.


Photo Courtesy Of NASA

Photo Courtesy Of NASA


Before a star dies, its comets and planets, would have orbited the star on an orderly fashion. When the star ran out of hydrogen to burn, and burned off its outer layers, the icy bodies and outer planets would have been tossed about into each other, kicking up an ongoing cosmic dust storm. Any inner planets in the system would have burned up or been swallowed as their dying star expanded.


That of course if the scientific explanation for this image captured by NASA. Some believe this is the ‘Eye Of God’ and claim it is something that happens once every 3,000 years. They say it contains hidden answers within its beauty.

Whatever you might believe, one thing is certain. This image is too beautiful to pass up! Share with your friends!

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