Old Lady Gets Trapped in Flipped Car and Wants to Take a Selfie

car2Old Lady Gets Trapped in Flipped Car and Wants to Take a Selfie. A very strange story is coming out of Bel Air involving a car, and no the license plate doesn’t say ‘fresh’ and there aren’t dice in the mirror. Benjamin Neufeld heard a loud commotion outside of his home last Friday. Little did he know what was going on. After going outside he soon discovered that his 85-year-old wife had somehow managed to flip her blue Honda on it’s side and was trapped in the vehicle.n-BENJAMIN-NEUFELD-large



Neufeld quickly went to see if his wife, Elizabeth, was okay and made sure that she wasn’t injured. After determining that she was alright he stood by the car and kept his wife company while emergency personnel were on the way. “We were able to chat very comfortably and conveniently. Eventually, they fished her out and towed the car away and here we are,” Neufeld told the local station.



A passerby saw the freak accident and decided to take some pictures that the nice couple was more than glad to pose for. She even told her husband to pass her her purse so that she could take a selfie in the car. Maybe thats why Neufeld told KNBC that his wife was as “calm as a cucumber” while waiting for help. Get this though, apparently the car flipped when Elizabeth hit the curb in reverse. Check out the report below:

Eric Roberts