PHOTO-Astronauts Can See The Israel/Gaza War From Space

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.19.41 AMPHOTO-Astronauts Can See The Israel/Gaza War From Space. The astronauts that are aboard the International Space Station have shared some amazing photos over Twitter for all of us to see. This week, however, a European Space Agency astronaut, Alexander Gerst posted what he considers to be his “saddest photo yet” and I’m pretty sure I agree with him.

The image that you see is of the Middle East and on Twitter Gerst explains that the photo shows rocket fire and explosions over Gaza and Israel. BtPyQ3CCYAEk1S2The image itself shows a sideways view of Israel. North is to the right of the photo and south to the left. The dark part of the image is the Mediterranean  Sea and the brightest part is Tel Aviv, only 44 miles north of Gaza City.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.18.45 AMThis is what Gerst said in his blog, “On the day that I took this photo, I floated into the Cupola window module because I suddenly noticed something that I had never seen before. There were streaks of light going forth and back over a dark Earth, occasionally lit up by orange fireballs. I took my camera and took a few photos before I finally realized what I just saw, and where we just flew past. Even though the photo itself does not contain any explosions, I could see them occur several times.”

 As the conflict has gotten very combative between Palestinian and Israel militants, it’s sad to think that you can literally see us blowing ourselves up from space. The death toll in Gaza has already reached 687 people this week, most of them being civilians and children. I’m sure being so far up and away from everything these astronauts can get a clear view of the bigger picture. Were all living on the same planet together. Why kill one another? Were but just little pieces of a bigger whole and divided we won’t ever stand upright.

Eric Roberts