Rare Footage Of 1950’s Housewife in LSD Experiment

Rare Footage Of 1950’s Housewife in LSD Experiment.

This woman sure could teach Beaver Cleaver’s mom about having a good time! When you think back about households in the 1950’s, usually people think about proper families, good moral values, and wholesome fun.

Well, the next time you hear someone say “Back in the olden days, we had to make our own fun”, this is probably what they were talking about.

A biographer, who was doing research for a book on hallucinogenic drug experiments, has stumbled upon footage of a housewife struggling with the effects of LSD. In this footage, she had volunteered to take the drug at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. The woman was seated with Dr. Cohen who was to observe her reaction to the LSD.

The housewife, who is unidentified, is dressed in her best black frock. She tells the doctor, “My husband is an employee here at the VA and he said they were looking for normal people, so I volunteered”.

Dr. Cohan asks, “How do you feel about coming here and drinking the strange material?” The woman replies, “A little nervous, perhaps”.

Then the doctor orders, “Well, I think it’s time for you to have your lysergic acid. Drink this down and will be back after a while and see how you’re doing”.

Although comical, which I’m sure was unintentional at the time, we see the housewife guzzling the glass of clear liquid as Dr. Cohan smiles.

The voice-over explains, “This is a glass of water, colorless, tasteless. It contains 100 gamma of LSD 25. 1/10 of a milligram, that is the equivalent of 1/600 of a grain. An ounce of this material will make 150,000 such doses. Let us observe how that affects someone three hours later”.

And of course, three hours later, that housewife was on the trip of her life. She is emotional, speechless, unable to clearly describe what she sees.

“Everything is in color and I can feel the air. I can see it, I can see the molecules, I’m part of it. Can’t you see it?” Dr. Cohan asks, “how do you feel inside.” And the housewife replies, “inside? I don’t have any inside”. You can see the entire video at this housewife’s experience below. It is definitely worth seeing.



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