How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens!

Did you know that the main cause of death in the United States are heart attacks? The stressful way of life and the junk food we keep eating is a great contributor for this illness becoming so common and so dangerous over the last years.

leading a healthy lifestyle and trying to decrease the levels of stress in your life can help protect you from heart failure, but another thing that can be very useful, even life-saving, is knowing the symptoms of heart failure a month before it happens.

 These are the symptoms that you might have a heart attack in one month. Make sure you always treat these as red flags:

  •  Fatigue – When these arteries become narrow your heart receives a lot less blood than it used to. This makes the heart work a whole lot harder than it normally would have to, leaving you feeling overly tired and drowsy just about all of the time.
  •  Shortness of breath – When your heart is getting less blood this means that your lungs are not going to be able to get as much oxygen as they normally would. The two systems depend on one another so without one you can have the other. If you have been having trouble breathing it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible, this could mean it is getting close to time for your attack.
  •  Weakness – When your body becomes weak all of a sudden, it is because the arteries are becoming more narrow are not allowing blood circulation property.
  •  Dizziness and cold sweats – The poor circulation is also causing the blood flow to your brain to be restricted. This is very life-threatening. This will at first cause dizziness and cleanliness. You should not ignore this.
  •  Chest pressure – If you are having onset symptoms of heart attack chances are you have been experiencing discomfort in your chest, whether it’s minor pain or build up pressure. This will constantly increase until the attack itself happens.
  •  Flu or cold symptoms – If you feel as if you have are having flu symptoms out of nowhere this could be because the attack itself is about to happen within the near future. Many people feel they have developed a cold just days before their attacks.



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