Several Killed In Wal-Mart Shooting In Las Vegas

web1_NELLISSHOOTOUT_004_14Several Killed In Wal-Mart Shooting In Las Vegas. Two Las Vegas police officers and one civilian have been killed in a “revolutionary” type shooting spree. It started at a CiCi’s pizza and ended at a nearby Walmart. The two suspects, a man and a woman, have reportedly committed suicide according to police. The suspects entered the Walmart and told shoppers they were part of a revolution and wanted a shoot out with the Las Vegas Metro police force. They had a suicide pact with each other, as the bodies were found in the back of the store. Story

12.siPolice told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the two officers were killed by a man and woman who approached them at CiCi’s pizza On Nellis Blvd and Stewart Ave just before 11:38 AM while they were eating lunch. One suspect approached the first officer and shot him point blank in the head, then the second suspect shot the other officer. They stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and went into the Walmart at 201 N. Nellis Boulevard in Las Vegas. Deputy Sheriff Kevin McMahill told reporters at the news conference that the male shooter, described as a tall white male, yelled “Everyone get out” before shooting in the Walmart. The man and woman proceeded to the back of the store and “there was some kind of suicide pact,” McMahill said.

There were also reports that the shooters were carrying bags, so the bomb squad was called to the scene. It is unclear at this time if something was found in those bags. The 911 emergency dispatcher received a call at 11:50 AM claiming there was an armed man with a rifle and a bulletproof vest shooting inside the Walmart. There was also earlier distress calls saying that two police officers were shot in the restaurant on Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue. Witnesses claim that the suspects took the officers gear, and before they left the restaurant they announced, “Tell the police the revolution has begun.” Police officers have surrounded the area and ambulances are being summoned to the site. Photographer for News 3 saw three body bags carried out of the store around noon.

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