Starbucks Introduces The ‘Beer Flavored’ Latte

starbucks beer flavored latte

Starbucks Introduces The Beer Flavored Latte.

The newest Starbucks latte tastes just like beer! But it’s not being crafted by every Barista just yet.

Select Starbucks coffee shops in Ohio and Florida are now test marketing a new drink called the ‘Dark Barrel Latte’.

This latte “highlights chocolaty dark caramel and toasty stout flavors” and is served in a conventional paper cup, not a mug. This Latte is definitely one step above the pumpkin spice!

Although the tasty drink resembles a dark beer flavor, it contains no actual alcohol.

It contains a base of espresso and steamed milk, but instead of fragrant pumpkin pie spices, this one gets caramel and stout flavored sauce. Baristas have been instructed to tell customers the taste resembles “roasted malt.”

Do how DOES it taste? One customer describes it as, “Like Guinness with cream in it.” Another customer describes it as, “Yuck!”

I guess you will have to find a Starbucks that serves the new famous ‘Dark Barrel Latte’¬†and try for yourself!




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