XRAY – Chinese Man’s Body Riddled With Tapeworms After Eating Sashimi

x-ray of Chinese Man's Body Riddled With Tapeworms

XRAY – Chinese Man’s Body Riddled With Tapeworms After Eating Sashimi.

A man from the Shunde District who consumed a dish of Sashimi, spent 14 days in the hospital after complaining of severe abdominal pains and itchy skin.

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong performed a medical examination and took x-rays once the patient revealed that his favorite meal was raw fish.

sushi still your best bet for intestinal worms

His condition was so serious, they could not treat him at that location and rushed him to Guangzhou for further treatment.

Dr. Yin of Guangzhou’s People’s Hospital said the dense white spots in the x-rays were worms.

“Recently, many people are eating raw fish infected with tapeworm eggs and are contracting cysticercosis, a parasitic pork tapeworm infection that create sis in different areas of the body,” said Dr. Yin.

Dr. Yin pointed out that wild snakes, fish, pork and beef consumed raw are most likely to be infected with such tapeworms.

“When people consume foods containing tapeworm eggs, the eggs make their way into the digestive system where they are absorbed as nutrients, ” said Dr. Yin. “As the eggs hatch, the larvae are spread throughout the body via the bloodstream, and they may even enter into the brain and develop into cerebral cysticercosis. Tapeworms in other parts of the body may be treated through methods that kill them, but it is difficult to use such treatment on tapeworms in the brain, as it may cause cerebral edema and endanger the patient’s life.”



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