– One Of The Best Satirical News Sites I’ve Seen In A Long Time!

In the world of fake news and confusion, the internet is full of information that has us scratching our heads saying, “WTF?”

Even the website Snopes is full of misinformation; believe me guys it is not the be all tell all for accurate news. They are fooling you just like the rest!

So how to you draw the line between fake news and satirical news? Being a HUGE fan of The Onion, they have always been the kings of parody, mimicking credible news sources and stories full of irony and sarcastic humor…. until now.

Last week I came across a website and I’ve been following their Facebook page ever since.

With hilarious articles such as Pro-lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is A Murder Every Sperm Cell Is A Life” and New Law Approves Transgender Fire Hydrants For Dogs I’ve been hooked with their and ability to put a comical twist on today’s real issues.

And Straight Stoned wants to get you involved. They will let you submit your own satirical stories and post them on their website! “We have a very talented team of writers here in Las Vegas,” says J Stuart, cofounder of Straight Stoned. “But we always welcome the talented input of our viewers.”

So if you want to put your creative writing out there, be sure to submit your information to their Contact Us page.

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