This Little Girl Has A Message For Her Deadbeat Dad, But Is It Too Much?

I understand what it’s like to run a single parent household. It’s not easy by all means, but as single parents we do our best.

No matter how well you raise your children, or how much love you give them, there will always be an empty spot in their heart only the absent parent can fill.

In the video below, a little girl decides to rap about her “deadbeat dad.” In the video she raps about her father being in jail, running around with females, and bailing on her.

While that might be the case, why does a little girl like her have all of this information? You know why, because females like her mother openly speak about the absent parent so vulgarly in front of their children that they form an opinion that creates hatred and resentment in their heart towards that absent parent.

There’s a different approach. How about you single mothers take responsibility for the fact that YOU picked that deadbeat man to have a child with. Accept the fact you got in bed with a no good, low life and decided to give birth to your child. Stop trying to force him to be a part of it.

Although all the things you WANT to say about him are true, how about telling your child “it just didn’t work out” or NOT say anything negative at all. Because the reality is, YOU are hurting your child by giving them grown up information that only grown-ups should know about. Shame on any mother who tells their child everything that’s wrong with their “deadbeat” father. When they get older, if they meet their absent parent, they can form their own opinion without YOUR hate and bitterness planted inside of them. Don’t make the mistake of doing that to them.



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