VIDEO PROOF Showing Gun Being Planted At The Scene Of Keith Scott Shooting

Do you need any more proof that Keith Scott was murdered?

A cell phone video made by the wife of Keith Lamont Scott as he was fatally shot by police shows the moments before and after the episode, including the wife’s pleas to her husband to get out of the truck, and her pleas to the officers not to shoot him.

But what we are now seeing in the video below is frame by frame movements of what really happened at the scene.

The video below shows the officer, dressed in a red shirt, place the gun down on the ground where Scott was laying. If you watch the footage in the beginning, there was no gun on the ground! But as the video plays on, and is slowed down frame by frame, you can see the police officer setting a gun down on the ground next to the victim.

The photo below shows a gun laying next to Keith Scott. But watch the video below to see how it got there!


Keith Scott was murdered! And this video proves it! PLEASE SHARE!!!

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