Video Shows Ebola Victim Wake Up In Body Bag

Video Shows Ebola Victim Wake Up In Body Bag.

An ABC News journalists stood on the front line of the Ebola outbreak on Thursday and witnessed a man being put into a body bag.

His body was lifeless on the street corner and the team of health workers were called in, fully clothed in hazmat suits, ready to dispose of the body. Prior to moving the body however, workers doused the body lying on the street of the Liberian capital Monrovia, with bleach.

This is a regular precaution while removing bodies to prevent the spread of the disease. When they placed the “dead man’s” body into the bag, he began to move his hand. They yelled, “he’s alive! He’s alive!”

This is the 3rd patient that has died from the Ebola virus, and has come back to life. Some are even going as far as to call this the start of the ‘zombie apocalypse’.

Liberia has been hit the hardest by the Ebola outbreak out of all three countries battling the disease. There are over 2000 recorded deaths from this virus. The health system has been so overwhelmed by this crisis, there is a shortage of hospital bed.

They are still struggling with the efforts to stop this Ebola virus from spreading. Watch the dramatic footage of this Ebola patients resurrection.


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