Chinese Made Flip Flops From Wal-Mart Causing Chemical Burns

flipflopChinese Made Flip Flops From Wal-Mart Causing Chemical Burns. Summertime is here, and some of you like to buy those cheap sandals to wear around the pool or to the beach. Well, you might want to check the tags on your next pair to see where they are made. Hawaiian style sandals which are made in China, are made with toxic chemicals that can cause these burns on your feet when worn. They are made with plastic resins and elastomers from containers used to store agrochemicals. In China they use paint that has an extremely high lead count. Chemical burns or severe rashes are usually the outcome after wearing them for several hours.footburn

Health professionals are recommending that you be very careful about everything you purchase that is made in China. Mainly products that have yellow, red and orange colors. This includes toys, soaps, gels, deodorants, clothing etc. Many products from China are recalled on a regular basis due to unsafe materials, which they use to keep their costs low. A woman, who fell victim to this chemical burn said, “After wearing them my feet would be red and sort of tingly, but I figured that it was just because it was my first flip-flops of the year so my feet needed to get used to them. I have now had what appears to be a chemical burn for 11 days. I really thought it would just go away on its own. It is absolutely not going away very well at all.” She provided this photo of her feet. Please share this information with your sandal wearing friends. You could save them from some extreme pain this summer!

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