Why You Should Uninstall The Facebook Messenger App IMMEDIATELY!

Why You Should Uninstall The Facebook Messenger App IMMEDIATELY!

Facebook Is Spying On You, BIGGER THAN EVER! Facebook may be the new ‘Big Brother’ in town with its mandatory Messenger App. This new app is getting terrible reviews. It has received only 1 star out of 5 at the iPhone app store and similar ratings with android.

What the messenger basically does is requires you to give away all of your privacy and allows Facebook to look at your call list, contacts, text messages and even use your recording device and your camera on your phone without even telling you.

So when active, Facebook is able to spy on you with your device – Your front camera, or your back camera. Legally you are giving them access to those cameras when you download the application.

So yes, some creepy guy that works for Facebook can be looking at all the photos on your phone – those risqué pictures of your wife or your bikini selfies. Or even worse, child molesters have jobs, maybe some work at Facebook – what about the pictures you have of your children on your phone? They are all legally accessible by Facebook and their team of people.

Facebook-Messenger-AppMost people are downloading this because they want to message their friends through Facebook and are not even realizing that they are giving up their privacy. Most people just click ‘Yes’ when it prompts you to download the app, and never give it a second thought. We already have text messaging on our phones, why do we need the Facebook Messenger App? We don’t! Don’t give in to this Facebook ‘Big Brother’.

And keep in mind when you download this application and accept the Terms of Services from Facebook, you are not only giving permission for your phone but any recording device on your computer as well.

So if you have installed this Facebook Messenger App, it has been highly recommended you uninstall it IMMEDIATELY! There are other ways to communicate with friends.



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