Man Takes Body Art To The Next Level With Cheek Holes And Forked Tongue

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Man Takes Body Art To The Next Level With Cheek Holes And Forked Tongue.

A 23-year-old German man pushes the boundaries of body art with cheek holes and forked tongue.

It is known as bodymoded Punk on social media. Joel Miggler has been dabbling in the practice of body modification for a decade.

He started experimenting with body modification by stretching his ear lobe at the age of 13. Miggler has undergone 25 piercings of all shapes and sizes and has a multitude of tattoos.

Probably the most bizarre features are his enormous cheek holes – one on each side of his face.

And he wants to make them even bigger, from the current size of 36 mm wide to 40 mm in the future. With plugs to close the cheek holes, eating and drinking doesn’t seem to be a problem.

The grotesque looking  man has a girlfriend who is also into body modification. He brags that he can stick his tongue out of the side of his face to kiss her.

People’s reactions to his appearance are not always positive, but he doesn’t care about those offensive comments. With his addiction to body art, he has no plans to stop any time soon.


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