The Real Reason McDonald’s Shakes Cannot Be Called ‘Milkshakes’

McDonald’s has had to contend with the many rumors that accuse them of using bizarre ingredients in their food. And now their shakes are under fire.

McDonald’s can no longer get away with using the word ‘milkshakes’ when describing their tasty frosty treat, because it does not contain any milk. Have you ever noticed that when you go to McDonald’s the menu simply says ‘Shakes’? Many scientists have evaluated the ingredients in the McDonald’s shakes and found it contains “sugar infused plastic.” Have you ever wondered why your McDonald’s shake never melted? Sugar infused plastic is why.

The FDA has restricted the fast food company from using the word ‘milk’ because of this, and also stated that the shakes contain too much fat. Well above the amount legally allowed in a shake due to the amount of fatty lard used.

Scientists tested people who were willing to drink shakes over a period of time. During this test, everyone got fat, but the people who drank McDonald’s shakes got fat faster. The findings were brought before Congress, who pass this “milkshake law”, but still allow this multi-billion-dollar company to serve this sugar infused plastic drink.

They did however give them the opportunity to have the right to use the word milk again. They are only required to add 2% of milk product to the shake to be able to do so. McDonald’s has not taken them up on their offer, stating it would increase their costs and lower their profits.

In Russia, consumer rights activist have filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s. They say that McDonald’s is false and misleading regarding what is in there food. Yogi Protovokov of Moscow, a consumer rights activist, stated, “You might be able to get away with this type of fraud in America, but not Russia.”

Best advise is do not drink these shakes. This will be the first generation in many years who’s life expectancy will not surpass the previous generation.



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