Slavery Auction – The True Meaning of ‘Black Friday’

a Slave Auction in Richmond, Virginia 1853. The Illustrated London News (Sept. 27, 1856), vol. 29, p. 315.Slavery Auction – The True Meaning of ‘Black Friday’.

To almost all Americans, ‘Black Friday’ is the day shoppers get up extra early, grab their Christmas lists, and head out the door for all of the pre-Christmas sales. You know, you get up, run down to Walmart, and hope you’ll be first in line to get that 50 inch TV for $100.

But unfortunately, when you get there, there are 300 other people that showed up before you. Good luck right? Because they’re only selling four of those TVs today. Well, the similarities of the true meaning of ‘Black Friday’ are disgustingly similar.

It’s really a shame how they can take something so horrible and pull the wool over our eyes, hiding the true meaning for what you are celebrating.

Back in the days of slavery, the African-American slaves would cook up that nice Thanksgiving turkey meal for their masters, and entertain them throughout the night. They would force the slaves to entertain their friends and family, who would then vote on which slave was the best entertainer and which was the worst. The losers were then sold at auction the next day, which they called ‘Black Friday’.

Now, the potential slave purchasers knew that this auction was going on the day following Thanksgiving. The potential slave masters, would get up early and headed to where the auction was taking place, hoping they would be the first in line.

Hundreds would show up hoping they could be the first to purchase the slaves that were on sale. This was the one day out of the year that the slaves were greatly reduced in price. The eager slave purchasers would come from miles around to get a “great bargain” on the annual Thanksgiving slave auction.

So just remember when you head out for those great sales on your ‘Black Friday’ holiday, that you are carrying on a tradition created by racists!


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