Would Society Be Better Off If There Were No Police?

police-beating-kidsWould Society Be Better Off If There Were No Police? As a kid, cops were admired, they were respected, and could be counted on in times of danger. Children were told if they got lost or in trouble “find a police officer” you can trust him and he will help. We trusted that a police officer would know what to do and take care of you and keep you out of danger. They held a special trust with the public that was based on mutual respect, the responsibility of their job and to some extent, dependence on one another for a peaceful coexistence. images

Fast-forward to today. That smiling, trusting peace officer is long gone. You are more likely to see a person dressed in military gear with steroids coursing through their veins, shaved head and barking orders. Why do so many have this opinion of law enforcement now? Maybe it is the culmination of too many stories of abuse, too many videos of misconduct by those who were sworn to protect and serve. Now to most people, a law enforcement officer isn’t someone you trust to turn to if they are threatened. More often a law enforcement officer someone to watch carefully or else you could be tasered, beaten to death, strangled until you pass out, or they could wind up practicing their boxing moves on you. How did we get to this point? Do we really need police officers beating children with clubs? Arresting the elderly? Macing young girls? Pepper spraying defenseless women? What do you think? Would Society Be Better Off If There Were No Police? CLICK HERE —> TO LIKE DAILY BUZZ LIVE ON FACEBOOK!


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